Clean Regatta

What can you do to help save the ocean?

Actually, there is a lot you can do, and it doesn’t have to happen on the water.  In fact, most marine trash comes from the land.

We are proud to partner with Sailors for the Sea to help make a difference.  We are registered as a Clean Regatta and you’ll notice that we have a big emphasis on the most important race of all:  the race to restore ocean health.

We may be the mini-Volvo race, but even the big guys are taking it seriously.  Two of the teams have a focus on environmental issues.

Team 11th Hour/Vestas

Team Turn the Tide on Plastic

We want you to learn more about the importance of our oceans and what you can do to help.  During registration, you’ll have a chance to spread the word about ocean health and during the regatta, you’ll participate in a beach clean up.  We have an OBR contest where you are encouraged to include an environmental theme in your reporting where you’ll have a chance to win a free video camera.  In the meantime, you can learn more by browsing through any of the links below: