Why You Should Be In!


  • Our FULL REGATTA CAMPOUT on Fishers Island features a beach party and dinner/dance party at the famed Pequot House.


  • TracTrac, Facebook and YouTube will be providing LIVE coverage for every moment via drones and web broadcasts.


  • Famed COLLEGE COACHES Kenneth W. Legler of Tufts and Jon Faudree of Jacksonville will be on hand to help explain and review everything you need to know to have a blast in your first distance race.



  • Tight racing up the Mystic River Friday afternoon to the big finish at Mystic Shipyard with a full blow DJ Awards party pack up.



  • New 2017 Adult/Child division!  Come race with your older sibling or parent!



What? Coaches Required?

Yes, as we are racing to an island (with an overnight camp out) we need all sailors to have a responsible adult asigned to them.  To that extent each club, team or group of up to 12 sailors must have a registered coach or chaperone.  On the registration page (and below) there is a link for coaches or chaperones to register and pay thier $75 registraion fee.   Entires are not considered complete until this step is completed.  

Advance Coach/Chaperone Registration Link

If you do not know the name of your coaches or chaperone yet you still must reigster one as name “unknown” and you will then have until June 15th to update their name and contact information.


ELIGIBILITY: Class legal 420s with one skipper and one crew. Junior skippers and crew must be at least 13 years old (under 13 may apply for waiver by email to registration@secorvolvorace.com with listed past sailing experience), but cannot reach 19 years of age in the current calendar year. Adult skippers can be over 19 years old with crews of any age (min of 5 teams will allow this subdivision to be created). Each team must be assigned to a coach for the entire duration of the event. Limit 6 teams (12 sailors) per coach.

What is this Race?

To answer that question, don’t ask us, check out the winning OBR story from the 2016 Race!

The Secor Volvo Fishers Island Sound Race”Onboard Reporter” Award (OBR) is awarded to the junior crew that tells the best story of their experience at the Secor Volvo Fisher’s Island Sound Race. Colin and Samson entered their video from the sailing race that took place in August. Sam Greenfield from Oracle Team USA (America’s Cup) was the judge and he gave high praise to Colin and Samson’s video. “The competition was very tough this year, but I’m so excited to award Colin Madaus and Samson Race Dorfman from Thames Yacht Club this year’s prize” said Greenfield. He went on to say, “a lot of young filmmakers will fall into the trap of making a simple music video, but you (Colin and Samson) did the exact opposite. In fact, I felt like I was there for the entire day, for all of your ups and downs.”

Sam added, “Nice job and keep up the good work. You never know where sailing may take you.”

Make sure you enter for 2017!  What will your story be?  Write, record, remember… no matter how do it, just share it.  If our judges think you earned it, you will win a free WASP camera!