Notice to Competitors #2

It’s really getting close now!  So we wanted to share a few more local logistics for all of you.

Please read below and then click on the following Google Maps (

Note the three main area’s and how each point has information about that particular spot if you click on it.  In summary by area:

Niantic Bay Start – If you can use a single point lift for your coach boats you can launch them at NBYC, if not please see the map points for the closest ramp in town and the local parking options back at the club or right there in town.  We have two places (beach and ramp) for the 420’s and both are at NBYC.  The general area of the starting line and direction the boats will be heading is also shown.  The staff and members of NBYC are ready to help and show you the way.  If you need help getting your trailer and cars to the finish in Mystic please ask at registration.

Fishers Island Points of Interest – Gives you a nice overview of the key places on the island we will be guests at!  We are so very lucky to have the residents welcoming us to such a beautiful place!  Pack warm clothes for the beach walk Friday am, the current weather shows it being just 60 until about 11am!

Mystic Shipyard Finish – Please note this location is not a club, but a working marina and they have donated the space to let us use this amazing venue as our final stop.  We will ask finished 420’s to wait on the East side of the channel and head over to the marina when asked.  The 420’s who are local are going to be asked to stream from moorings in this area and shuttle in via coach boats.  We need to keep the marina free of congestion as there is no dock to wait at and not a lot of room to sail around near the small beach ramp.  The out of town 420’s will come up the small ramp at Mystic Shipyard here and then dolly over to the North Barn right away.  The barn is just past the tent party location and boats can roll right in with rigs up.

420 trailers – not cars, can be left in the North Barn starting Thursday AM.  Cars can be left in the field (noted on the map) just outside the marina.  Coach Boats CANNOT haul here, but instead need to continue down river to Fort Raychel Marine, where Don and his crew are ready to help you get out of the water and get going quickly after racing.  Please see the details on the map about Fort Raychel as it’s pretty small, but they are more than ready to accommodate us, even if we need the travel lift to get you out!

A note on dollies.  We have the capacity to take all the dollies out to Fishers Island and then on to Mystic via boats.  To use this service you MUST label your dolly with the sail number and club you registered with clearly near the handles (written on white rigging tape preferred).  However Fishers Island does not have the best location for all the boats to haul, and we would ask that if you don’t mind leaving your boat at the dock for one night that you plan to do that – you will have the chance to rinse it off either way.  Staying in the water will make getting started the next day much quicker for your sailors as well.  All dolly’s going to Mystic will be loaded onto a designated boat and taken right to Mystic shipyard and placed in the North Barn, a second boat will take bags and dollies to Fishers as needed, and then continue on to Mystic on Friday.


Brandon Flack

Regatta Chairman –

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