What? Coaches Required?

Yes, as we are racing to an island (with an overnight camp out) we need all sailors to have a responsible adult asigned to them.  To that extent each club, team or group of up to 12 sailors must have a registered coach or chaperone.  On the registration page (and below) there is a link for coaches or chaperones to register and pay thier $75 registraion fee.   Entires are not considered complete until this step is completed.  

Advance Coach/Chaperone Registration Link

If you do not know the name of your coaches or chaperone yet you still must reigster one as name “unknown” and you will then have until June 15th to update their name and contact information.


ELIGIBILITY: Class legal 420s with one skipper and one crew. Junior skippers and crew must be at least 13 years old (under 13 may apply for waiver by email to registration@secorvolvorace.com with listed past sailing experience), but cannot reach 19 years of age in the current calendar year. Adult skippers can be over 19 years old with crews of any age (min of 5 teams will allow this subdivision to be created). Each team must be assigned to a coach for the entire duration of the event. Limit 6 teams (12 sailors) per coach.